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SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 2nd, 2023 - 2:00PM*

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 3rd, 2023 - 1:00PM*

For Information Call - Speed Office Phone - 217.562.4344
72 Hour Entry Box closes at 10:00 a.m.
Superintendent -
Dan Thompson - 217.827.1788
Entries - Contact LeAnn Shinn 618.783.2589
Race Days Only - 217.433.8938
2023 Illinois County Fairs General Conditions Common to All Five Illinois Colt Associations:
Individual colt associations and county fairs have established conditions and rules that are in addition to U.S.T.A. and Department of Agriculture rules. Owners and trainers should be familiar with the condition for each association in which they are competing. U.S.T.A, Illinois Department of Agriculture, Individual Colt Associations, and County fair Rules to govern when not covered in the following conditions.
All two and three-year-old colts and fillies must be Illinois conceived and foaled and registered with the Illinois Department of Agriculture. Two-year-old payment is not necessary to retain eligibility as a three-year-old to these events. 

Three-day (72 hours) box in effect for all county fairs hosting Colt Association races in 2023. Entries will close at 10 a.m. three days prior to the scheduled date of the race. Payable at the Superintendent of Speed Office of the fair hosting the race. Stall rent may be an additional charge, consult individual Colt Associations/County Fairs.

A county fair racing program must consist of a minimum of 6 races to be eligible for Illinois Standard Breeders Fund monies.  A race is considered each individual heat, dash, or elimination. If a fair has met the 6 race minimum and all other conditions, it may elect to race the feature, as well as the non-feature races, as single dashes. All races except colt stakes are overnight events.  Starters to be named at race office by 10:00 a.m. 72 hours before the race. Overnight entry fee $25,+maintenance fee $20. No additional fees or deductions.  colt races are governed by rules of respective colt associations. All races, two heats, each one-mile.  In the case of ties, the fastest time will prevail. Five to enter, four to start, rights reserved. Declare off any events as conditions warrant, reject any entry, place entries in proper class if entered wrong, change the order of the program. The fair reserves the right to race as many of the canceled events as can be programmed without interfering with previously scheduled entertainment.  Fair reserves the right to race overnights in elimination races.  The current U.S.T.A. card will admit one person. Rules of the U.S.T.A. to govern. Big 10 will race filly/colt separate divisions when possible. 

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 2nd, 2023 - 2:00PM*

  • TROT - 2 Year Old Maiden (AE non-winners of $1500 life) - $800

  • PACE - 2 Year Old Maiden (AE non-winners of $1500 life) - $800

  • TROT - Free for All - $1200

  • PACE - Free for All  - $1200

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 3rd, 2023 - 2:00PM*

  • TROT - 2 Year Old BIG 10 - $TBD

  • PACE - 2 Year Old BIG 10 - $TBD

  • TROT - 3 Year Old BIG 10 - $TBD

  • PACE - 3 Year Old BIG 10  - $TBD

  • PACE - IHHA 3 Year Old & Up  - EST. $2600

*Sub races MAY BE ADDED-call on entry day. 
Entry Fee - $50.00 BIG 10
IHHA Race - $50.00
Overnight Entry Fee - $25.00      
Maintenance Fee - $20.00 on all races

The current USTA card admits one person in the gate. On overnights, fair reserves the right to require 5 entries, or events may be canceled.  Right is reserved to race overnights one dash only. The BIG 10 will race colts and fillies separately when possible. 
Disclaimer: The Pana Tri Count Fair reserves the right to cancel, combine or re-open non-stake races to benefit the program. IHHA Race: For ICF 3 Y/O & up, ALL owners, trainers, & drivers mut be IHHA members. The entry fee will be added to the purse.  If the race splits no money will be added. 
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